October 28, 2020 Super Woman Skater Dress

Canada Skater Dress Made From Ecopoly?

Product description

The worlds of fashion, print, performance fabrics, and versatility collide in our custom printed dresses. Available in both skater (flare) and bodycon (fitted) styles dresses are printed one at a time on a specialty stretch fine gauge knit fabric featuring 28% spandex. The shear power of this fabric smooth out over curves and hugs your body. The fabric wicks away moisture to help keep you comfy on sultry summer days. Mix it up!

Dresses can be worn front to back or back to front depending on your mood. They’re 2 in 1! We promise our prints will look great even after you wash them over and over and our fabrics will always bounce back.

Flare dress product details

  • Made from 72% ecopoly / 28%spandex manufactured in Canada
  • Flare bottom skirt that starts at the waist
  • Vivid print that will never fade after washing
  • 2 in 1 style! Wear your dress front to back or back to front to change it up.
  • Hand Cover-stitched hems
  • Fabric treated for moisture wicking to keep you comfortable
  • Fabrics are made with EcoPoly.

The PES ideas

How to be a Super-Duper Hero?

Ecopoly can save the future? We have taken 1 step further to bring in our fantastic design into this ecopoly dress.

Super Woman Skater Dress
Super Woman Skater Dress
Pay in 4 installments of $25.00 with Klarna.

What is Ecopoly?

EcoPoly or Eco-Polyester is a production process that uses a third less energy and water than typical polyester production processes.

The Textile industry is considered one of the most ecologically harmful in the world. The amount of water, energy, heat, and chemicals used in the production of textile goods is astronomical.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that textile processing typically requires up to 132 liters of hot water for every pound of finished product.

Growing environmental concerns are forcing us to re-think the roll we play and responsibility we have in dealing with this environmental disaster.

On average producing 1 meter of polyester fabric will consume 13 liters of water and over 29000 kilojoules of energy.

On the other hand, producing 1 meter of ECO POLYESTER fabric will only consume 3.9 liters of water and 8700 Kilojoules of energy.

Think twice, make an environmentally conscious decision!

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